Why Using a Preferred Lender is Best

What do you have to do when you need loans💵 or refinancing💵? Or any other questions, do it in the link📧 below⬇️

Hello, I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull🐶 Realty And here I am with my friend👬 Jorge Campodonico from City🌇 Lending

¿Why work with City Lending?

The reason why I think that city🌇 lending can help the community🌇 is, because we have the culture and philosophy within the company🏢 to give the information✉️ to the consumer🍔, explain what is the best loan💵, give them options, give them the best interest💵 rate with that product🍔 and, the good👍 thing is that City🌇 lending is not only based on working👷 with the best products. We have 99% of the products🍔 that exist outside 👉the market🏪, it means that if they come with us there is more likely to approve👍 their loan??. On the other hand✋. If you go to other financial 💵 institutions outside 👉, they may deny❎ them or they will have to go through a process 2, 3 or 4 times until they find the interest💵 rate or the program that can help them. Therefore, I am sure that the process with us will be easier and they will. I want to thank Jorge Campodonico for his presence .He is a very busy👷 man, but he gave us the chance to inform people👫 that have questions and don’t know what to do.

Thanks a lot Jorge, I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull🐶 Realty

I’m Jorge Campodonico with City Lending

Why Using a Preferred Lender is Best
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