The Documents You Need When Applying for a Loan

What do you have to do when you need loans💸 or refinancing? Or any other questions❔, do it in the link below⬇️

Hello👋, I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull🐶 Reality And here I am with my friend👬 Jorge Campodonico from City🌆 Lending

What should I do to obtain a loan💸 to buy a house🏠?

The most 🌟important thing is to have the will💪. After 🔜that, watch all the documentation📝 ,watch your financial income💰, estimate your credit, and see your money 💵qualification.

You check the financial💵 income and taxes📄?

We have many♾️ options, like taxes bank 🏦 statements, we can verify✅ your financial💵 income, everything ♾️will depend on the loan📄 you are looking 👀for if you’re going to live in the house 🏠or not, or what you are going to do with the house

There won’t be any excuses but the most🌟 important thing is to find 👀 a balance between all. Many people 🌐are looking, if they have a good✅ down payment 💰or not, But that’s why we are for to guide ⚠you, to see what we can do based on the current situation

What if, I have TAX ID?

Well, if you have a Tax ID 🆔 ,we can give the loan 💸 we have different investors 🕴 which we can work with. We can use 10%,15% or 20% of down payment 💵 according to their credit score💯 and the taxes documentation 📄 that they have. If they show the social security used to work or not. However, that’s our purpose😁, help in the process.

Can I buy with an Enterprise TAX ID?

There are commercial loans📊; if you need a loan💸 for a construction🏗, we can do it with the tax ID🆔 but for the commercial side, I’m sure that investors🕴 will ask for visas📃, and we can do it with that

I want to thank🙌 Jorge Campodonico today 📅for his presence. He is a very busy 😤man, but he gave us the chance to inform ℹ people that have questions ❔and don’t know what to do🤷‍♂️.

Thanks 🤝a lot Jorge, I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶Realty

I’m Jorge Campodonico with City 🌆Lending

The Documents You Need When Applying for a Loan
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