I can fly! My experience doing Skydiving

Hello everyone,👋👉 I’m with my friend Jennifer👩 we are going to do “Indoor Skydiving”😱, Oh My Goodness this is horrible😂, We are going to do “Indoor Skydiving”🌌this is for fun,😅 not everything is about Real Estate👍, we have fun😁. He is Scott, he is ready🙌, OMG, he is so excited,😆 he can’t talk🙊, Let me record this📹 and you will see what you can do👀, Something rather than watch TV or YouTube you have to be present And do the stuff.💪

Ok, 😃we are in the “Indoor Skydiving” 🌌I’m a little scary right now🙈 But, Is not meaning that we are not going to do it💪, It looks so cool😃. We are in the Jennifer’s👧 Birthday celebrating🎉, she asked us for this🙋, let’s see how its work👀, we are going to record this 💪and publish it next to this video📹, super cool,😁 they make us to remove our watches⌚, everything we have in the pockets💼 and we are going to listen instructions👂. Here we can see the instructor 👀explaining to people what you must do💬, let’s see how it goes 😆we are going to use a special suit🚀 for protection and everything.🙌

Ok, we already did it🙌, three jumps👣, they are going to send me a video🔀, we are going to publish it📺, super cool🙌, I invite you to do it💪; Many people watch the world 🌏through a video📹, the TV or YouTube📺. You don’t know what it’s feel😕, the next step is to make it a few more times💪 and then jump off a plane🚁. So I wanted to share this, have fun, everything is not about work😏

This is👋 Carlitos Zapata, Miami🐶 Pitbull of Real Estate Real Estate with loyalty and love💓

I can fly! My experience doing Skydiving
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