Free Money for Small Businesses

FREE MONEY 🤑 for real estate agents 🕴, lenders and small business owners, the help we need is finally here. 😲

I want to tell you about some aid programs so that we can overcome these difficult times 😣. Remember that I am not a lawyer or an accountant. This information 📝 is necessary for you to verify✅. I am only passing you this information that my trusted advisor provided me. 😁

 With the approval 👍 of the CARES Law last week, which is an aid for small entrepreneurs 🕴,what we are trying to do is give the information 📝as soon as possible 🔜, so that you can meet with your accountant 🗣 and your bank 🏛  and take advantage of these opportunities☑️ .

There is a loan 🤝from those economic populations that is up to $ 10,000💰. If you use it for financial relief 💸because of COVID-19 😷, you DO NOT 🚫 have to repay it again. To apply, the SBA is making things simpler; it takes a little more than 10 minutes. The link is below. ⬇️

According to my CPA, in addition to the $ 10,000 💰, you can apply up to $ 2 million 🤑 in loans up to 4% for 30 years, and the initial $ 10,000 can be forgiven🙏. But it is important to read the small prints 📝before signing any financial loan agreement.

 The second offer❗️ is a Payroll Protection Program (PPP) that is for a company with 500 employees or less ⬇, who was in business since February 15  📅 and were paying taxes, payroll, and salaries 💰. What it says is that any company that applies will be approved. ✅

This is a no 🚫 recourse program, which means there are no personal guarantees or asset guarantees.

As I say, this is the time to talk 🗣 to your accountant from your trusted bank 🏛 and it is time to share 🤝this video with all the people who may be interested.👍

I’m Carlitos Zapata 👋 from Pitbull Realty. 

Real Estate with Loyalty and Love 💓

Free Money  for Small Businesses
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