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Is the seller’s market crazy? 💬  So let me ask you this question👉 ……… that means that we as agents 👤 should sell houses 🏠 immediately and use outdated or mediocre marketing techniques📲. NO NO NO, this can cost you thousands of dollars💸 if you make that mistake📵.

So you are thinking of selling your house, well, you have to see this. Or maybe you know someone 👤 who has mentioned to you that they want to sell their house right now👈.

Hi everyone, 👋 I’m Carlos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶  Realty. I want to talk about some essential mistakes that I see most sellers make😩, resulting in much lower profit margins and not allowing them to maximize the amount of money💰 they make selling their home.

I know, it can be very stressful😩, who to trust and who to listen to👂. Well, after helping thousands of residents of this county🚩, I totally understand.

 Let me be your guide⛏. The most important element when selling your home🏠 is making sure you have maximum exposure📲. We have to make sure we expose your home through digital marketing📱 to the masses, not just a few📢.

👉Most likely, you are actually watching this video through an ad to a specific audience market📢, where I am actually pixelating it (Facebook tool)📤 and making sure to expose you to see this video and many more👥.

Think about💬 when was the last time you googled something💢, and then all of a sudden, everywhere you’ve been online👍, that thing you searched for suddenly appears in all your online searches📲. Well that’s what I do when shoppers exhibit 📢 certain behavior, if you take Facebook for example📱, Facebook’s algorithm can match their behavior with other people who have bought in the past and then tag them📎 as an audience👥 that may want to buy, and then boom💥, I can start following them online 💭and putting the houses I’m selling online🙋.

It’s nifty 👌 and really scary if you think about it💬. I suppose you can call me a certified “stalker”😂, not the creepy kind, but the kind that gives massive exposure📏 to your home when you are selling it💥.

Everything is done through a detailed digital marketing📲 strategy that requires a lot of time, effort, energy to learn🔋, navigate and specialize, and YES ………. This is important even in a strong 👍seller market like the one we are seeing today🙅.

I want you to ask yourself this question, 👉if you accept an offer too soon💬, or don’t expose your home to all possible buyers👤, it could end up costing you $ 10,000 or $ 15,000,😲 wouldn’t it make sense to make sure you promote your home to everyone! world!! 💢Yes, of course.💪

📢That would be the difference from college for one of your children👦 or paying off that existing credit card💳. So, we both agree👌, exposure is everything💪. In reality, we are averaging around 125,000 views👀 and hundreds and hundreds of hours of views on each video we produce in all of our homes that are for sale🏠. Isn’t that a lot of views? 👀Just imagine how many “Open Houses” 💃you would have to do to get that kind of exposure🙌.

Not to mention, with everything we’re going through😕, you don’t want unskilled people walking past your house🏠 touching your kid’s toys👧👦.

 And here’s the crazy thing👀, according to the National Association of Realtors👤, 67% of buyers will go to see a home they viewed online😀. So imagine the power of having hundreds of hours of shopper watch time potentially buying and getting thousands upon thousands of views💻. It’s powerful, isn’t it?💪

Exposure is everything📣. There is a lot more to consider when selling💰, even in a sellers market, If you still want to do anything to be able to maximize💼 your investment look for the other videos📹 in this series where we delve into marketing 📶and what is essential to consider when selling his house📞.

Contact us📲 here at Pitbull🐶 Realty so we can guide you through the sale from the “FOR SALE”💪 sign that is placed on the lawn of your home🏠, to exposing your home online to thousands of people👥 and handing over the keys to new buyers👨 and we also help you to settle in your new home🙌. We are here to help you👐

This is your friend👋 Carlitos Zapata from PITBULL 🐶REALTY


Exposure and Digital Marketing
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