Discount 📉 on my Commission 💲📉

Are you frustrated 😤with how much you pay💸 in commission?

This is Carlitos Zapata with PITBULL 🐶 REALTY

Well, everyone🌐 is, right?

It seems like a lot of money💵, even though on our end👈 we don’t think it is, because we deal 🤝with so many entities in so many parts. But we have a very special 💫 offer for you. If you list and sell🤑, we’re gonna reduce⬇️ our commission so it makes it easier on you. We actually love ♥️ doing this and here’s why🤔. Because we know our buyers are qualified✅. We know we’ve educated🤓 them properly and we know they’re more likely to actually have a sale 🔄go through🔜.

So it’s less work on our👈 end and less liability on our👈 end and more money💵 in your 👉pocket. We cannot wait to meet with you and show you how we can maximize ⬆️ your exposure 🌟 while saving 👉you a little bit of money💰 at the same time.

This is your friend Carltios Zapata from PITBULL🐶 REALTY


Discount 📉  on my Commission  💲📉
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