Cooking with Carlos 🍳 Episode 2

 We are today with our friend Pamela👧, Alexandra Leal👩, along with Lorenzo 👨who always helps💪 and my wife on cameras📹. Today we are going to do something very simple👌, we are going to make rice in the Chinese style🙆, in the Asian style with eggs 🍚and vegetables🍃, here is the photo📲.

We spoke in the last episode🔙 of “Rosie” 📺from the comics of the 80’s 💃But really it is called Thermomix TM6💥, Pamela knows it more than I do😁. So it’s very simple, you look for recipes on Cookidoo📲, it’s funny😂. You look for the recipe 🔎and you simply add it and it appears here🔝. It must be connected to the Internet 😯and here it tells us, let’s get started👍.

What we did previously👈 was to chop things🍱 and leave them ready and not be running💆, and I, who get lost in the kitchen😌, preferred an extra help and have things ready👍 for the time of cooking🙌.

From the application📲 it is sent to the Thermomix💥. Let’s all cook🙋. The idea is that we learn to cook with me👈, let’s learn to cook with this device 📺that is wonderful🙌.

Let’s learn to do fun things🙏, Let’s learn to cook with friends👉👈 and do different things, Not only meet to have a drink 🍺without knowing what to do or criticize😓, It is better to meet to cook 😛in pairs with friends and talk💪.

We press “Get Started”💥


Remember If you want to acquire this incredible machine, 👍 which makes your life easier, ✌️especially if you are working 👷‍♂️ and have very little time to cook,🥺 you can do so through this.

link 👇👇👇👇…

I invite you to tell me 📲 what recipes you would like us to cook🍲

Cooking With Carlos🍳   Episode 2
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