Cooking with Carlos🍳 Episode 3

Today we are cooking with Carlitos🍳 episode 3🙌
We are with our friend (shushu) and our friend Pamela 👩
My wife and I👫, his friend Carlitos Zapata👋

Today we are going to cook
👉Sautéed prawns🍤with chives🍃

-Let’s start cooking🙆, chop the chives. Cut into a slice, is this the chives?🍃
-After, put 20g of neutral oil, What is meant by neutral oil?💬
-That does not have a strong flavor💢
-20g ginger cut into slices
We cheated, we letcertain things chopped💪before recording
-Now, the cut chives 🍃
Smells delicious👃, too bad that through
the camera we can’t smell, We cover it, ready🙆
-What I wanted to show you💬, that I spoke last time of application

Cookidoo has more than 60,000 recipes😱 I mean it’s a recipe book😜
-It’s cookbook a connected to the thermomix💪
-Also you can press: order ingredient online
-If we are among friends and we want
to do something💭
-All the ingredients arrive at the house😱🙌
-Now due to quarantine
it is easier 🙈

Subscribe to the channel📲
-Why don’t you send us suggestions of what they want to cook?
Well this is Carlitos Zapata👋 from 🐶Pitbull of Real Estate
Cooking with Carlitos🍳, we are with
Alexandra Leal👩 follow her on Instagram @liveitupwithu📲

If you want to acquire this incredible machine, 👍 which makes your life easier, ✌️especially if you are working 👷‍♂️ and have very little time to cook,🥺 you can do so through this link 👇👇👇👇
We are going to continue cooking,
let’s cook what you want Follow us on Instagram, on Facebook
and all the social medias📲

Cooking With Carlos 🍳     Episode 3
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