August Housing Market Trends Report

Every time someone decides to buy a home🏠, there is an average of more than $ 88,000💲 in economic growth derived📈 from homes sold in the cities 🏨 and counties where these homes are located.📭

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In fact, 👉 in Florida, there is about $ 171,000💲 of economic growth added to the economy in a positive direction🔝. According to the NAR (Un National Association of Realtors), they calculated🔎 the total economic impact👊 of real estate-related industries on the state economy,🔀 as well as the expenses resulting from the sale of a single house, including aspects such as the construction costs of homes🏠, purchase and sale transaction🔀, mortgage loans and title insurance.💸

The median ➕positive economic impact of selling✅ a single home in the US is $ 88,416.😱 In fact, home sales will help our 🏠economy recover as it generates income for various industries🙏. How does this affect us locally? 👀The Real Estate businesses are very active🔋 here in Davie, Weston, and Pembroke Pines👍. At the time of this video there are 178 active houses in Davie🔑, 259 in Weston and 145 in Pembroke Pines💯. What does that mean for a seller?💭 It means that sellers in most cases have a lot of power, it is a sellers market🙋. Buyers have to compete and we are seeing bidding wars and many deals are above the asking price.💆

Especially in the lower price part👀, for example in Davie, there are only 21😲 houses below 400,000. In Weston there are only 4 houses available🔑 below 400K and only 39 in Pembroke Pines below the 400,000 price range👌. You can expect the prices of those houses to rise🔝. In most cases, anything below 400,000 💰is moving extremely fast.🚀

👉Here are some tips on how to maximize the value of your home 👀 and get the best price and terms possible🙏. Set a bid deadline, ask if buyers are submitting their best and highest bid 📧sooner to review bids, and make a strong counter offer👊 that protects you and your interests.💪

Feel free to reach out to us 📲anytime here at Pitbull 🐶Realty, we are the leaders in the digital community market🙋 for questions or if you just need some advice on what to do to buy or sell your home in South Florida.🚩

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Broward County, FL Housing Market
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