👍This is how you could save more than $ 25,000💰 in expenses when buying your home.🏠

This is Carlitos Zapata with Pitbull Realty and in this short video📼  I will show you how having the right agent to represent you could save you tens of thousands of dollars in expenses.💸

First, many banks 🏦will tell you that 5% is what you need in advance. Well, I’m here to tell you that most banks 🏦will do it at 3%. So, consider a sale price of $ 250,000, that 2% difference saved you $ 5,000💸 in out-of-pocket costs.

Add to this that there are other complementary programs, such as the Florida Housing, 🌍which often grants beneficiaries up to $ 10,000 💲for their down payment and other costs.

Then there is the loan origination rate, 😱which generally falls between 1% and 2% of the mortgage amount, but did you know that there are many loan officers in the city that charge that to the bank,🏦 not the borrower? So, even at just 1% of the purchase price, that’s another $ 2,500.😘

Then we have the closing costs, 😨which average around 3%. Well, in many situations we can write your offer so that the seller pays for you. Then, add another $ 7,500.😄

There you go! We are at $ 25,000💲💸💰👍  in expenses saved, but it improves! A good property inspector 🏠 might discover something that saves thousands more. For example, I have seen roof repairs estimating $ 6,000. 😎Or connect with an insurance agent that saves you thousands more with quality coverage.

Therefore, by gathering all this, it is clear that working with an experienced and knowledgeable real estate agent 🕵 with the right connections can save you thousands, which means that you can allocate your earned money 💸 with effort for other things that are important to you. By the way, we haven’t even mentioned how to deal with the negotiations or the price of your offer, which could save tens of thousands 💲more. If you want to know a little more about this subscribe to the link below.

This is your friend Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull Realty,


👍This is how you could save more than $ 25,000💰 in expenses when buying your home.🏠
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