Cooking with Carlos 🍳 Episode 2

 We are today with our friend Pamela👧, Alexandra Leal👩, along with Lorenzo 👨who always helps💪 and my wife on cameras📹. Today we are going to do something very simple👌, we are going to make rice in the Chinese style🙆, in the Asian style with eggs 🍚and vegetables🍃, here is the photo📲. We spoke in the … Continued

Sept National Market Update

What is happening in our real estate market worldwide? 💬That is the question of the moment👀. Well 👉first let me start by saying that I am reporting🔎 what Real Estate🏠 analysts and experts around the country are predicting🌎. Hi everyone,👋 I’m Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶 Realty with EXP Realty💪. Neither I nor anyone else … Continued

Are you on the fence right now about buying or selling?

Are you on the fence right now about buying or selling? 💬 Well, I totally understand 🙋given everything we have going on 👀right now in the economy in the world💲.  There is a lot of uncertainty😖.  So let’s review the facts.🔎   Hi everyone, I’m 👋 Carlos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶 Realty. An economist 👤at High … Continued

I can fly! My experience doing Skydiving

Hello everyone,👋👉 I’m with my friend Jennifer👩 we are going to do “Indoor Skydiving”😱, Oh My Goodness this is horrible😂, We are going to do “Indoor Skydiving”🌌this is for fun,😅 not everything is about Real Estate👍, we have fun😁. He is Scott, he is ready🙌, OMG, he is so excited,😆 he can’t talk🙊, Let me … Continued

How Much is My House Worth?

How Much is My House Worth?💬👉🏠 Determining the market value 🙋 of your home can be confusing😖. Many of the online 📲evaluations are based on large geographic algorithms🌍 and little account is taken👌 of the market details of the neighborhood where the home is located🚩. The Zestlower (Zillow)👀 can say one thing✅, the tax appraiser … Continued

Amazing time to sale your home

Did you know that💬, according to a Lending Tree study👀, 87% of home 🙋sellers were concerned that their home🏠 would NOT sell due to the pandemic😖 and an economic downturn💰. This couldn’t be more untrue at this point🙅💢. Hi everyone, I’m 👋 Carlos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶 Realty. 🔝This time is an incredible time🙆 to … Continued

August Market Report

So much pessimism on the news😤. Did you know that negative publicity💭 receives more attention than positive publicity?😨 So it stands to reason that the major networks 📲 want to show you all the bad things🙅 that are happening in the economy 💲 because they know that negative➖ headlines sell better💰. Well, 💢I think it’s … Continued

Renter’s Shopping

We are seeing 👀 an increase in the number renter’s📈 getting preapproved and searching for homes🙌. This is  👋 Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull 🐶 Realty.  I’ve seen 🙇a huge uptick in the number of online home 🏠shoppers💻 who identify as currently renting😀. If you are looking for a South Florida 🚩area specific home search engine, … Continued

Cooking with Carlos🍳 Episode 1

Hello everyone, this is 👋 Carlitos Zapata Miami 🐶 Pitbull of Real EstateToday I want to confess something🙊, I am with my wife Ximena and my friend Alexandra.I confess that I am useless in the kitchen😅, my wife says soI’m going for 20 years of marriage😅, it’s not my strong suit, I always said itIt’s … Continued

The Real Estate is driven by the needs and behaviors of the people

The Broward Real Estate market 🏦is as strong as ever💪.   This is 👋Carlitos Zapata from Pitbull🐶 Realty and over the last several months 📅we’ve all experienced the same shock😩, and here’s what’s important📢: We’ve all spent more time at home the last 3 months than any time in our lives before💖. Many have found, or … Continued